Do Business in China The Right Way - Export Australian Products to China with Ausmate

Welcome to Ausmate Group, where our primary business objective is to help you establish good trade relations in the Chinese market. At Ausmate We want to see Australian businesses flourish in the most exciting market to the globe. We not only help your business create a commanding market presence in China, but also support you in organising export logistics, customs clearance, and becoming sufficiently familiar with the cultural, legal and federal framework inherent to operating in the country.

Our clients

Many of our clients are Australian businesses with limited knowledge and capabilities to penetrate the Chinese market by themselves. However, consumer trends in China highlight the high demand for Australian alcoholic beverages, packaged food products, cosmetics, luxury goods, infant products and health supplements among others, many of which are produced by Australian suppliers without the ability to enter China by themselves. Our business export consultancy service ensures your Australian business leaps the Dragon Gate and gets a slice of the riches China has to offer.

Whether your business is new or you have been in the industry for a long tme and would like to expand your reach to China, we are here to help you get your products into China through a range of proven avenues. With sub-companies established throughout China we aim to connect our clients with pre-established trade networks all over China.

How it works

We understand that business expansion into China can be hindered by cultural barriers and languages differences. Once you register your interest to expand your business to China, we take it upon ourselves to have your products tested for the Chinese market. We will provide you with a thorough analysis based on the feedback derived from the consumers, as well as give you recommendations on how you can make your product better for the Chinese market. Once we have the confidence that your product is market-ready, we act as the mediator between you and the consumers, doing the translations, and assisting in the negotiations.

At Ausmate we are firm believers in the importance of integrating technology into our service offerings and we understand that having an effective online strategy is imperative to dominating the market, the story is no different in China. We will, therefore, help you create an online presence for your business through websites like 58Food, Alibaba, T-Mall, and JD, as well as on Chinese social media sites like Wechat. In so doing, searching through our extensive network of buyers who are in need of your products makes marketing to China easier.

If you’re ready to expand your Australian export business into the Chinese market and access one of the world’s largest consumer bases, contact Ausmate.  Not only will we establish your brand in China, we will make it flourish.

What we do

Which Path to China

Are you looking for:
  • in depth market research
  • regulatory compliance check
  • IP protection
And/or promotions & buyers from
  • Endorsed social media & website exposure
  • Showroom, hypermarket, trade shows
  • B2B e-commerce platforms
  • Government B2C platform

Talk Numbers Directly with Qualified Buyers

Worry not because we help you
  • Eliminate language & cultural barriers
  • Negotiate with buyers for workable term & conditions
  • Close the deal & establish long-term trade relationships

Distribution and Management

Let us simplify it for you via
  • Handling the export procedure, logistics clearance & custom
  • Monitoring warehouse-to-warehouse goods movement
  • Regular follow-ups to provide market feedback
  • Building long-term trust & credibility with buyers
  • Brand management with buyers to grow healthily and successfully

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