Direct access to full brand information

Assisted engagement with brand delegation

Supply chain consolidation

Ongoing coordination and management

Access multilateral project opportunities

engage cross-border project collaborations

Join government endorsed projects

Ongoing project support and coordination

Our service

Brand distributorship engagement service

Domestic/international project promotion service

Domestic/international trade brokerage service

Supply chain consolidation service

  • Do you want to ship products to China?
  • Do you want to connect with Chinese distributers?
  • Do you want to drive your revenue by opening Chinese market?
  • Are you troubled by exporting process?
  • Do you need someone to secure your shipment all the way?

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Who We Are

Ausmate Pty Ltd is a bilaterally based import and export business service platform consolidating China-Australia commercial opportunities through:

  • Import & export processing
  • Freight and clearance handling
  • Warehousing and drop-shipping
  • Sales and distribution
  • Long-term client management and
  • Marketing and branding development
  • Other bespoke services

What We Do

  • Business engagement
  • Supply chain operations
  • Client management
  • Sales and market development
  • Brand cultivation