Why you should export your Australian health products to China

Why you should export your Australian health products to China

As the Chinese economy goes from strength to strength, an increasing number of Chinese consumers are spending their money on imported products. Among these products are vitamins, health supplements, and cosmetics.

The demand for Australian health products in China

Selling health supplements in China is a growing market and many Australian businesses are taking advantage of the new demographic of customers. Products made in countries such as Australia are perceived by Chinese customers to be superior to similar products made in China and so the import business keeps gaining momentum. The Aussie focus on organic, natural health supplements, skincare products and cosmetics appeals to the growing Chinese middle-class consumers who are worried about the ingredients used and the safety of Chinese health products. Scandals such as the contaminated Chinese manufactured baby formula, which led to the deaths of several infants, have increased the demand for Australian products further.

The future of selling health products to China

China is now Australia’s biggest trading partner, sending 30 percent of our exported goods to China each year. The success of Australian products in China is thought to be, in part, due to the Chinese students that attend Australian universities and then take items back home with them, exposing their friends and family to new Australian products.

The demand for products is so high that Chinese people living in Australia have started small businesses posting products to China for a small fee. These small exporters are somewhat inexperienced and don’t have contracts with wholesalers, they just buy products off the shelf and post them to China. Know as the Daigou, they add a small commission on each order to make a profit. Selling your products through a Chinese outlet will mean that you not only make a profit but can enable the products to be sold at a better price than the small Daigou operations. Weight loss supplements, vitamins, and protein powders all have huge potential on the Chinese market and Australian companies have already seen huge success in exporting health supplements to China.

If you have a high-quality, Australian-made product, exporting to China could be a way to reach new customers and expand your business. Plus, diversifying across international markets will help you mitigate the risk to your business should one nation experience an economic downturn. Other benefits to exporting to China include increased brand awareness, which could open up other exporting opportunities in neighbouring Asian countries.

Some Australian manufacturers and wholesalers think that exporting cosmetics to China, or any other health product, is complicated, and so they haven’t explored the different ways in which you can set up your exports. AusMate specialise in facilitating business relationships between Australia and China and can help companies navigate exporting their products and selling health products in China. So whether you’re wondering how to sell baby formula to China, or how to export health products to China, our business matching service means that you can avoid language barrier issues and get expert advice from our experienced import/export facilitation specialists based in Canberra. We have existing relationships with Chinese and Australian government organisations, access to online sales platforms in Chinese and a physical presence in China across six locations.