Marketing to China - Export to China from Australia with Ausmate's Business Solutions

Ausmate’s China Pathway Solutions

What we offer:

THE LARGEST B2B trading platform in China.

Spans across Alibaba’s immense business resources.

Ideal for accomplishing sales-driven goals.

Key features:

Sell directly to vetted importers and wholesalers.

Hand-picked buyers from 1688, T-mall and Taobao.

Various online trade promotion to boost sales.

Australian Business Chamber

The Export Growth China Programs and Professional consulting services for Australian and Chinese markets.

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What we offer:

FOCUSED food & beverage B2B platform in China.

12 years running, serving 11,000 established brands.

Ideal for direct entry to offline distribution networks.

Key features:

Sell directly to vetted food & beverage distributors.

Featured homepage exposure & buyer sourcing.

Targeted promotions to 1700+ WeChat communities.

Completely free when you sign any service package(s) above.

What we offer:

ENORMOUS regional hypermarket O2O based.

Daily visits (600 +) and 3000 + WeChat merchants.

Testing the offline China market.

Key features:

Sell directly to hypermarket & its retail networks.

Specialist assessment for e-commerce setup.

Ausmate`s core service are consultancy and networking – using our expertise and connections to help Australian products penetrate the Chinese market. We have an extensive network and business relationships in China, which is conjection with our relationships with  government agencies in both Australia and China to give us a priviledged position to help Australian enterprise in China. At Ausmate, we are specific and deliberate about the services we offer our clients.

  1. China Hypermarket Engagement

    The China Hypermarket Engagement program is tailored for suppliers from Australia who want to test the Chinese market for the first time, as well as those who wish to increase their revenue by expanding their brand. Through this program, we help our clients with the process right from getting their products into the Chinese market, to closing the deal with buyers.

    Advantages of using this service for Australian suppliers include:

    • It’s easy to match your products with ready bulk buyers
    • There is an already existing platform through which to interact with buyers
    • Your products will be tested for consumer friendliness before being presented to the market.

    Upon signing up with us for the Chinese Hypermarket Engagement program, we will facilitate your government endorsement and accreditation to regional associations. Contact us today at Ausmate Group and we will set you up with your own team to enable ground promotion.

  2. AlibabaTrustPass

    Through the AlibabaTrustpass program, we aim to provide authenticated opportunities for trade through the Alibaba platform. The Trustpass Program is a reserve for suppliers who export their products to China. It is a large platform that presents the following benefits to the users:

    • Guaranteed payments for products sold
    • Opportunity to interact on the largest B2B trading platform in China
    • Verified buyer credibility
    • Ease of access to the Chinese market
    • Assistance with negotiations and closure of deals
    • Long-term management of your business and market development

    If your business is a small to medium Australian supplier whose products are infant products, alcoholic beverages, sports nutrition products, health supplements and dairy products, we are looking for you. We want to connect you with the Chinese market to help you expand your business.

    Visit us or call us today and we will review your company profile, collect product information and help you set up a store on AlibabaTrustPass.

  3. 58Food Beverage

    58Food is an online B2B platform that specialises in food and beverages. It is a subsidiary of the giant Tencent. Our partnership with 58Food has seen many Australian suppliers explore the online Chinese food market by offering the following features:

    • Listing of over 150,000 products
    • Over 11,000 brands and 300,000 distributors, both online and offline
    • Unique marketing and sales features that serve the needs of the extensive client base.

    Once you sign up for the 58Food Beverage program, you are entitled to list your products within the section of the finest Australian food and beverage. Your products will be established on a Chinese webpage, and we will regularly analyse sales data and report the same to you to ensure that your business is on the right track.

If you are looking for long-term security for your food and beverage export business to China, contact us today, and we will help you focus on innovation, research and development while ensuring a long-term partnership for your export business.

Our clients who have tested the Chinese market can attest that their export business flourishing. We will not only help you penetrate the Chinese market but also to ensure that you thrive. Talk to us now.