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Wine industry analysis In 2017, the Chinese wine market displayed a trend of import wine consumption exceeding local wine – the rate of growth over the year reaching almost 20%. Over the past three years, the main sources of Chinese import wine has remained stable. However, whilst the market share …
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Infant Formula Industry Analysis Chinese milk powder market has developed rapidly in recent years. This benefits not only from the development of China’s economy, but also from the inevitable result of people’s pursuit of a higher quality of life. Among the milk powder market, infant formula milk powder dominates the …
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Soft Drink Industry Analysis In the recent decades, the Chinese beverage market has undergone major changes. It can be divided into three stages: before the year 2000, it was the carbonated beverage market, and from 2001 to 2006 it was the tea beverage and functional beverage market. Since 2007, bottled …
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Dairy Products Industry Analysis Dairy products which contain high protein and nutrition are becoming important daily consumption products. Chinese dairy market started late and it began to develop fast since the opening-up reform. But due to the large population and the immature dairy industry, the Chinese dairy market is promising and has huge …
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Milk Industry Analysis With the development of economy, the demand for milk is increasing gradually. Also, the popularization and development of information technology enable people switch the way of shopping from offline to online, and Tianmao and Jingdong etc. have become one of main channels for milk. Liquid milk occupies 86.5% among domestic dairy …
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