Zhongda Cloud Building Materials Co.

Company IntroductionÔºö


Zhongda Cloud of Building Material Co., plumbing materials industry more than a decade, with many well-known brand manufacturers, based on quality as a fundamental principle of mutual benefit, with years of experience, quality of products and materials from the strict client checks, and do good service, so customers really at ease, feel value for money. I am in the three northeastern provinces accumulated a lot of dealers, stable operation of the company\’s range of products, good customer reputation. Now the company launched Alibaba internet, as more customers to high-quality, excellent price of all kinds of plumbing products. The company promises: the sales of each product have a national product testing centre for testing compliance report, insurance companies underwriting by the Chinese so that customers can be assured.


Business ScopeÔºö


Building materials, decoration materials, waterproof materials, insulation materials, plumbing equipment, hardware, wire and cable, electronic products, daily necessities, office supplies, furniture, supplies, materials and metal products, steel, stone, pipe, plastic products, machinery electronic equipment, household appliances, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment sales; household products, manufacture and sale of the exhaust valve. (Subject to the approval of the law project, before carrying out business activities after approval by the relevant authorities.)




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