Shenyang Yixin Cinda Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction:

Wholesale distribution and wholesale supply of scaffolding Shenyang billion Xin Cinda building materials all over the country, used fasteners, pipe cut to length 1-6 meters support shipping, trucking, rail transport, fasteners, oil care, beams, pipe rack, step by step tight, springboard, wooden poles, steel pipes hedging, selling consumer market, among consumers enjoy higher status, with many retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. Shenyang billion Xin letter of Building Materials Co., Ltd. Distribution of scaffolding, tube racks, fasteners, oil care, step by step tight, wooden, beam, variety, reasonable prices. Shenyang billion Xin Cinda Ltd. strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, variety principles of operating characteristics and puerile, has won the trust of our customers. Yixin building materials company is Cinda fasteners, self-employed frame tubes, oil care, round buckle, scaffolding, springboard, wood template, wooden building materials and other speciality products processing and sales, the company in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Cinda Yixin the company has a complete building materials, we have a professional working team. Our huge volume, quality standards, specifications satisfaction, excellent team, our one-stop service professional sound processing equipment, we\’ll continue to improve the self-same time, development in the face of adversity, with the majority of builders sincere cooperation and common development, mutual benefit win, welcome friends to discuss cooperation.

Business Scope:

Building materials, steel, metal products sales; construction equipment rental. (Subject to the approval of the law project, before carrying out business activities after approval by the relevant authorities.)




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