Shenyang Chun Mei Food Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction:


Franchise various mesh red snack, the circle of friends explosion models specialities, such as tiramisu cake, hot plate, rice noodles, hot and sour powder, frozen fruits and so on. The company-funded, cost-effective products, has a strong support team to do for the agency. Product policy priorities, plenty of storage, a generation of fat to provide services, invites all Taobao manager and derivative Agent.


Business Scope:


Use of the Internet and store operations fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, soy products, agricultural products, eggs, food; in import and export of various commodities and technologies, but the state companies operating limit or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology except. (Subject to the approval of the law project, before carrying out business activities after approval by the relevant authorities.)




Yi Hong Street, Mong Friends, hey eat at home, Ding source, thousands flavor central kitchen



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