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Hubei Baiyunbian Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952 as the predecessor of Baiyunbian Winery in Hubei Province.”Baiyunbian” is named after a poem by Li Bai, who is known as “Poetry” and “Wine”. In 759 AD, Li Bai accompanied the uncle Li Wei and his friend Jia Zhiqiu to visit Dongting, and went up to the river. At night, the lake mouth (now Songzi territory), took the 800-mile Dongting smoke and the vast scenery, and drank the local wine, improvised “Nanhu autumn water night smoke-free, can be used to flow straight to the sky, and the Dongting moonlight, the boat will buy wine Baiyun side” this age of the ancient poems.

As early as 1979, 1984 and 1989, “Baiyunbian” wine won the silver medal in the national liquor quality evaluation. In October 1991, Baiyunbian wine was identified by the Ministry of Light Industry as a typical representative of the national thick sauce and fragrant liquor with its unique style of “aromatic elegance, harmonious sauce, thick and sweet, round and elegant”.




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