Dalian Jiahong Chasing Dream Food Technology Co., Ltd.



Dalian Jiahong Chasing Dream Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 21, 2018. It integrates R&D, production and sales. It adheres to the corporate value of “integrity and pragmatism” and is committed to providing customers with healthy and fresh specialty nutrition products.

The company consists of Taicang Jiahong Dreaming E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Qinggang Jiahong Chasing Grain Processing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Jiahong Chasing Dream Food Sales Co., Ltd. The main business is based on e-commerce platform, integrated processing and production, and adopts online and offline interactive food marketing.


The company has established a strict inspection management system, and the raw materials are from qualified suppliers. Only qualified by the factory for on-site assessment can be supplied. After the raw materials arrive at the factory, the original qualified inspection report sheet will be reviewed and approved. The factory laboratory will pass the inspection according to the acceptance criteria and can be put into storage.
Dalian Jiahong Chasing Dream Food Technology Co., Ltd., while developing its product quality, strives for survival by quality, develops by reputation, and provides consumers with peace of mind and peace of mind through strict quality management system. Nutritional health food.




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Scope of business:


Food technology research and development; pre-packaged food wholesale and use of Internet operations (food business), grain purchase, import and export of goods, technology import and export, domestic general trade.




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