Mount Compass Distiller

One of the best distillers in South Australia with award-winning range of spirits earning domestic and international accolades.

At Mount Compass, we have some of the best gins in the Australia and imported premium rums from the Caribbean that are smooth as mellows.

It is our goal to provide the best spirits to tailor for the select tastes of our customers! Visit our website and have a look.

Mount Compass Distilled Gin

Made from traditional & indigenous botanicals and distilled with an Australian grain alcohol. A Dry style of Gin of Juniper with earthy notes of Angelica and Coriander and light citrus flavours obtained from using indigenous Lemon Myrtle. Described at a recent industry tasting as Light, Crisp, Clean & Delicate it can be drunk over ice or with your favourite mixer. 700ml 40.0% ABV


Mount Compass No.8 Vodka

Triple distilled from Australian grown grain. Our Vodka has a traditional 40% by volume of alcohol for a smooth taste. Can be drunk over ice or as your favourite cocktail. 700ml 40.0% ABV


Mount Compass Orange Liqueur

The process is similar to that of the Coffee & Blueberry. The oranges are prepared by infusing the ingredient into alcohol. oranges are sourced from a local farm less then 5 km from the distillery. They are allowed to steep for 1 week before removing and blending with sugar syrup and water. The main ingredient is added to the alcohol before blending with sugar syrup and water to the desired alcohol content. 500ml 20.0% ABV    


Mount Compass Agave Spirit

Produced from Australian sourced Agave syrup. We brew, distill and package this product at our Mount Compass Distillery. A classic spirit with complex flavours. 700ml 40.0% ABV    


Cinnamon Girl Spice Rum

Spiced Cane Spirit is barrel aged for 8 months in local McLaren Vale, Serafino Wines, ex Cabernet / French Oak. And infused in barrel with all natural whole Wild Harvest Organic Spices. All of the organic spices are sustainably fair trade sourced from Indonesia. No artificial flavours, syrups, sugar or caramel is added. Spiced is smooth but spicy. Best on the rocks or with your favourite mixer and loves Ginger Ale with a fresh lime wedge. 700ml 35.0% ABV