China Hypermarket Engagement

Our ‘China Hypermarket Engagement’ program allows your products to be engaged with by Chinese wholesale buyers and consumers in a well established and renowned hypermarket located in the Guangdong Province (South China).

Included in this programme is our dedicated assistance along every step of the way, from seamlessly getting your products ready for the Hypermarket to assisting you in negotiations and closing the deal with buyers. The services we offer in this package include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a physical platform for buyers to interact with your products.
  • End consumer product testing.
  • Using our extensive buyers network to match make your products with bulk buyers.
  • Assistance with negotiations and closure of business deals (including translation).
  • Brand management assistance; focusing on your brands exposure and management at a regional and national level.

Who is likely to benefit from Ausmate’s China Hypermarket Engagement program?

  • Australian suppliers wanting to testthe Chinese market for the first time.
  • Australian suppliers wanting to explore the Chinese market to increase their revenue and expand their brand.

In conjunction with services mentioned above, upon sign up to the Chinese Hypermarket Engagement program you will also get:

  • Government endorsement and accreditation to regional industrial associations.
  • Your own Chinese webpage and brochure.
  • Shortlisting to local/regional distribution channels, which includes boosted sales potential to 20,000 liquor and tobacco stores.
  • Multidimensional market feedback with analysis.
  • Your very own team to facilitate ground promotion.