Alibaba Trustpass

Trustpass is an engagement program that strives to provide authenticated trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers on Alibaba’s dedicated B2B platform. Our exclusive partnership with Alibaba allows us to get Australian suppliers into the Trustpass program usually reserved for Chinese suppliers. In doing so we want connect Australian suppliers who wish to engage in trade with some of the largest buyers in China via Alibaba’s commercial network.

Features of this program include but are not limited to:

  • Access to largest B2B trading platform in China (handling and delivering over 16 million sales enquires monthly).
  • Guaranteed payment by Alibaba.
  • Verified buyer credibility is based on accumulated trade records.

Who are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of this program?

Small to medium sized Australian suppliers whose products fall into the following categories:

– Confectionery products

– Alcoholic beverages

– Non-alcoholic beverages

– General pre-packaged products

– Adult formulas and consumption goods

– Health supplements

What do you gain from joining the Trustpass program?

  • Ease of access to Chinese Market through Alibaba’s partnership.
  • A highly experienced Chinese sales team attracting customers with genuine interest.
  • Assistance with business negotiations and closure of sales.
  • The ability to secure long-term partnerships with Chinese buyers.

How do we plan to achieve this?

A simple step-by-step process is given in detail below.

  1. Storefront Setup
  • Product samples are sent for review.
  • Review company profile and collect product information (price, ingredients, origin).
  • Ausmate assists in the translation of the information obtained.
  1. Screening and Vetting of buyers
  • Select existing buyers from Alibaba’s buyer list and find new buyers.
  • Verify credibility using accumulated trade records.
  1. Discussions with potential buyers.
  • Alibaba directs interested buyers to the clients.
  • Engage in proactive talks with the buyers.
  • Client is fully engaged in the preliminary talks and negotiation. Ausmate regularly provides updates, insight and expertise.
  1. Trade Assistance.
  • Assistance with logistics and custom clearance is provided.
  1. Long Term Management.
  • Ausmate handles all issues regarding trade, allowing you to focus on your products.
  • Provides feedback and strategies to ensure sustainable brand management and market development.