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The establishment of China Free Trade Zone promotes China-Australia cooperation

The Free Trade Zone(FRZ)is a class of special economic zone which  can provide the specific customs regulation on  imported goods, and  preferential policies on income taxes and other investment policies for the member countries of the agreement. The purpose is to eliminate tariff barriers and promote the trade between the member countries. Chinese Free Trade Zones  provide special exemptions from  foreign investment restrictions, promote the free flow of goods, services, capital, technology, personnel and other factors of production, liberalize trade and investment, complement each other’s advantages and foster economy activity.

As of April 30, 2017, China has opened 12 special economic zones for FRZ, including pilot  Free Trade Zones in Shanghai, Guangdong province, Liaoning province and Zhejiang province. Meanwhile, Ausmate has set up branches in China where the pilot zones are located, which enhances the effectiveness and convenience of goods flow between Australia and China. Under the leadership of national policies, Ausmate have promoted the smooth development of bilateral trade and accelerated trade cooperation between supply and demand.

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