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Ausmate signed a contract with Australia consulting firm nem for collaboration in Canberra

Today, the Ausmate headquarters reached agreements and signed a contract with Adrian Au, the representative of nem in Canberra for extending Australian import and export related business.

nem is a leading mid-market consulting firm which was founded in 2001 in Australia by three former senior corporate executives and has grown to over 45 Partners with offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. With a diverse and extensive network, nem can assess clients’ benefits in many areas, including Hotels &Tourism, Medical & Health, Professional & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Supply & Systems, Retail & Consumer Services and Government. The company focuses on providing customers with comprehensive services such as project evaluation and assessment.

nem combines its professional capabilities with relevant social networks to help clients achieve their business goals of generating profits and positive outcomes, building business value and identifing the hidden value of the business. nem behaves different from traditional consulting firms, it actively engages in preliminary negotiations with customers to discuss whether nem can provide genuine business assistance in the future at the initial stage of collaboration.

The collaboration of Ausmate and nem can provide enterprises with more professional and accurate consulting services about import and export, and assist trade partners to develop market resources and future potential.

Seize the opportunity and consult with us for your business to expand and grow in the International market!

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