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Ausmate’s Strategic Partnership With Alibaba Via TrustPass

Ausmate is delighted to announce its official strategic partnership with the Chinese multinational e-commerce giant: Alibaba.

This collaboration will allow Ausmate to act as a liaison between Alibaba and Australian suppliers while using Alibaba’s prime platform, TrustPass. TrustPass, a wholesale business owned by the Alibaba group, is China’s most substantial online B2B platform that serves to provide authenticated trading opportunities for buyers and sellers.

How will TrustPass benefit Australian companies?

Belonging to the category of unrestricted markets, TrustPass opens doors to buyers, suppliers, wholesalers, as well as importers by providing various opportunities. It not only acts as an intermediary platform where different parties such as handpicked bulk buyers and sellers can gather together but it also provides payment protection to the parties involved in the business transaction in a safe and risk free environment.

To make things easier for sellers, the buyers on TrustPasss are presented through a vetted credibility metric based on their accumulated trade record.

How does Ausmate help? 

Ausmate will facilitate all the respective stakeholders or Australian businesses by introducing them to the services offered by TrustPass. The businesses will get the opportunity to get in touch with the relevant Chinese enterprises through TrustPass thus helping them carry out their business functions effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, Ausmate’s headquarter, located in Guangdong, China will be the face for Australian businesses and collaboratively work with TrustPass on the behalf of their Australian clients.

Specifically, Ausmate will play the following roles in your journey:

  • A one-stop gateway to China.
  • A team of professionals bringing forth buyers with genuine purchase interest.
  • Full facilitation with business negotiations and closure of sales.
  • Provide a stress-free trade arrangement from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Bilateral management of ongoing trade securing a long-term partnership.

“We believe China is the next best business partner for Australians! It’s a fast growing market that will provide Australian’s with a lot of prosperity”, said                Mr. Wen Lu (CEO of Ausmate), as he commented on the partnership with Alibaba

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