Getting started exporting food, wine and beverages to China

Getting started exporting food and beverages to China

China is one of the biggest export markets for Australian food and this is a sector which is predicted to keep growing strongly over the next 20 years. The high quality of Australian food products has led to a reputation for high quality, attracting premium prices. Ausmate can help Australian companies to learn how to export food to China.

Getting started exporting food and beverages to China

While China has a huge amount of potential as an export destination, it can be hard to know exactly how to get started. Ausmate has a team of people who have knowledge of the Chinese market and experience in marketing products in China. We also have a strategic relationship with Alibaba, which can help Australian sellers to directly wholesale their products to Chinese businesses. Working with an experienced team can help to make it as easy and seamless as possible when you enter the Chinese market as a food exporter.

What Australian products sell well in China?

While there are few explicit limitations on products, some of the most popular and premium Australian products include wine, milk powder and cosmetics. Australia has a well-deserved reputation for making premium wines, cosmetics and food products which are safe and high quality. Ausmate has a relationship with government organisations in both Australia and China and can help Australian business to start exporting food and beverages to China.

Monitoring products in the market

One of the advantages of the Ausmate approach is that we don’t just advise on how to launch products in the market, we can also provide ongoing support on how to improve the way you export your products to China. We have six sub companies located throughout China to monitor your products bilaterally, which can help to maximise your chances of a successful start to your export business.

If you are wondering how to export wine to China, or how to start a successful food and beverage export business, get in touch with Ausmate. Our experienced and helpful team can work with your company to create a plan to start your export business in China in the most effective way.