Foreign expansion made easy

Foreign expansion made easy

Expanding your company into a foreign market can sound intimidating, especially for owners of small to medium-sized businesses. Managing a market’s rise and fall can be difficult enough, without the added trouble of language barriers, import rules, and tax law. Fortunately, you need not go it alone and can get quality advice, along with guidance and business facilitation with the Australian-Chinese company, AusMate. Designed to aid in the collaboration between these two countries, AusMate endeavours to help Australian businesses break into the exciting Chinese e-commerce market.

In 2016, Forbes Magazine called China the world’s biggest economy and in 2010 the government instituted plans to double the country’s GDP by 2020, a clear demonstration of further growth and demand in the Chinese market. For Australian businesses dealing in cosmetics, wine, health supplements and milk powder, there is an endless opportunity for foreign expansion and development. With AusMate, experts at facilitation, business matching and import specialists, your business can develop a presence in China, accessing a potentially untapped market.

AusMate employs a diverse group of employees, allowing them to call upon a large pool of experience dealing with the Chinese market and with China at large. Founded in 2012, the company has connections with government officials and business contacts, a strategy which makes the process easier for their Australian clients. Being both Australian and Chinese, AusMate knows what Australian businesses need and how to help them achieve their goals when expanding into the Chinese market.

With the Australian Grape and Wine Industry body admitting facing a 10-year downturn, wineries may struggle to stay afloat in their local markets. Expanding and building an e-commerce presence in China, where a demand for Australian wine has burst into life, is the perfect way for small businesses to bolster their income sources, if not supersede it entirely.

AusMate does not simply connect businesses, it also helps facilities direct engagement with Chinese consumers as well as develop e-commerce and online distribution in China. With a strategic partnership with Alibaba and six physical sub companies throughout China, AusMate has the potential of opening your business to a bountiful future trading in China.