Exporting milk and dairy products to China

Exporting milk and dairy products to China

China is a growing economy with over 1 billion eager consumers. The growing middle class in China is adopting a more Western diet and is eagerly adopting some of the high-quality Australian dairy products such as baby formula, milk powder and milk chocolate. China presents a great opportunity for growing Australian companies to broaden their export market. If you are looking to start exporting dairy products to China, AusMate is a great partner for Australian companies looking to get started thanks to their extensive experience and existing relationships.

Exporting confectionery to China

The growing middle class in China loves to indulge in confectionery and sweet treats, which are not a traditional part of Chinese cuisine. There are a lot of opportunities for Australian companies to sell not only plain confectionery but also luxury items such as a honeycomb and sugared fruits. These are popular as a gift as well as a part of day to day life. Understanding the way that Chinese people consume confectionery can help wholesalers to effectively market themselves to Chinese customers and businesses. AusMate can help companies with this process as they have six sub companies across the different regions of China and can help to understand the overall dynamics of the confectionery market in China.

Export milk powder to China

The domestically produced milk powder in China does not have a strong reputation following scandals where some products were contaminated with melamine and other pollutants to create false protein readings. This led to health problems for anyone who consumed the milk powder. Australian milk powder, and associated products such as baby formula, have surged in popularity as people have embraced the safety and quality associations of the Australian dairy industry. AusMate can help Australian companies to find opportunities for export as they have existing relationships with government organisations in Australia and China.

Export chocolate to China

Chocolate isn’t a traditional ingredient in China but many Chinese people are eager to try the new taste or share some of the food that they have sampled when they have travelled overseas. There is a lot of interest in trying these new foods in China and the Australian products come with a strong reputation for quality. Chocolate needs to be stored and transported correctly so that it tastes as good when it reaches your customers as when it left the production facility. Knowing the best way to transport and market your products can be an important part of making sure that you have the best chance of starting a successful export business to China. AusMate has helped many Australian companies to start exporting their products to China and can optimise the process for your company.

If you are looking at exporting chocolate or other dairy products into China from Australia, then you should talk to AusMate. Our capable and experienced team of import professionals can help you to identify opportunities and risks, and plan the best entry into the Chinese market.