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Yantai Jiuyuan International Trading Co.

Yantai Jiuyuan International Trading Co. was established in 2006, is approved by the state bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the state administration of foreign exchange, general administration of customs and the state entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau approval of beef and mutton series products.
“Jiuyuan cow sister” is a private brand owned by yantai jiuyuan international and committed to building a brand of imported meat in China. Through years of accumulation, yantai long source with Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and so on several factories, base established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation, factory direct, is close to import, halal processing, to ensure that every meat of health, nutrition, delicious, won the praise of domestic and foreign partners.
In order to facilitate the customers’ purchase, “jiuyuan niujie”, an imported beef and mutton product, is used to build the sales model of community convenience stores and cooperate with domestic supermarket chains, fruit and vegetable chains and other organizations to deliver healthy and delicious imported beef and mutton products to every customer’s side. By omitting the middle part of the sales channel, we only work as a health food porter.

main products:  imported beef, mutton, and by-products

main customers: supermarkets, barbecue shops, western restaurants, main restaurants, hotpot restaurants and food processing enterprises in China

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