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Foshan Baowan Trading Co.

Foshan Baowan Trading Co. is a leading O2O enterprise in the industry, an expert of hong kong-style Cantonese dim sum food — a supplier of catering stores and a major national brand. Professional wholesale and retail Cantonese and Hong Kong dim sum (buns, pastries) western food pickles (steaks, pork chops, chicken steaks) leisure Fried snacks. We are in Guangzhou, Guangdong, the birthplace of the dim sum market. The company purchases goods directly from the manufacturer, directly to the consumer’s hand. After decades of operation in China, we have a wide range of commodity information network and have promoted products on the well-known search and purchase platforms in China. Our partners are all over the country, and we have become a leading enterprise of dim sum food in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Solve your high labor costs, expensive shop rent, difficult to find chefs. Our products are convenient, fast, no oil smoke, no flame, no need to hire chefs, assembly line production, standardized catering, less investment, quick effect, no store operation, and save labor zero loss and other advantages. Through the unremitting efforts of all the employees, remarkable achievements have been made. We have a professional team with strong operation ability. Provide customers with a variety of logistics, express delivery, distribution solutions.

main products: Beef; Pork; Teahouse refreshments; Frozen foods; Fresh seafood

main customers: restaurants

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