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Shenzhen Minghui Cosmetics Co.

The company distribution wholesale cosmetics, BB cream, mask, creams, lotions, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip balm, toner, medicated cream, perfume, eye cream, breast enhancement chemicals, thin body chemicals, cosmetics chemicals, aromatic deodorant chemicals; skin chemicals, personal care accessories best-selling consumer market, enjoys a high status among consumers, the company with several retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Shenzhen hui cosmetics co., LTD. Distributes all products at variety complete, the price is reasonable. Shenzhen minghui cosmetics co., LTD is strong in strength, valuing credit, abiding by contract and guaranteeing product quality.

main customers: General Taobao group purchase Paipai cosmetics physical stores, large cosmetics chain stores

main products: Cosmetics; Import products from Japan, Korea and Thailand; The mask; VE cream; The emulsion; Body milk; Facial cleanser; Makeup remover series; Toner. Medicated cream; Perfume; Eye cream. Breast enhancement chemicals; Slimming chemicals; Cosmetic chemicals; Aromatic deodorant chemicals; Skin chemicals; Personal care appliances; Toothpaste

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