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Tianxiang Orchard Trading Co. (beverage)

Tianxiang Orchard Trading Co. is a professional chain organization integrating fruit retail, e-commerce and wholesale, mainly engaged in medium and high-end fruit products, as well as fruit juice and dried fruit. The company’s chain stores have covered the urban area of Wuhan province. Under the policy of benefiting the people, the company abides by the business tenet of freshness, parity and health and has strong competitiveness in the industry. The number of stores of tianxiang orchard chain exceeded 100 in 2017 and will exceed 200 in 2018.
We uphold the business philosophy of “win-win altruism”, so that customers, employees and the society get real value. Based in wuhan, radiating to central China, we are committed to building a chain of China’s top brand fruit monopoly.

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