Chinese Distributors

Shenzhen Baoan Xinanpujingcheng Trading Firm

The company distributes and wholesales imported foreign wine, imported red wine, liquor, and enjoys a higher status among consumers. The company and a number of retailers and agents have already established long-term stable relations of cooperation. The company sells imported foreign wine, foreign wine, imported red wine, red wine, liquor at a reasonable price. They respect to credit, abide by the contract, guarantee product quality, with the multi-variety management characteristics and the principle of small profits and quick sales, and win the trust of the majority of customers.

main customers: supermarkets, individual business wholesale, KTV, bar, hotel
main products: Imported foreign wine; Martell blue band; Imported red wine; Martell 700; Liquor; Martell XO. Hennessy VSOP. Hennessy xo. Chivas: 12 years; Black whiskey; Ballantine. Remy Martin VSOP. Remy Martin XO. Penfolds 407; Jack Denny; Maotai. Wu Liang ye; Yanghe; Tieguanyin. The tea.

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