Chinese Distributors

Qingdao Fun Bevarage Trading Co.

Located in the port city of Qingdao, Qingdao fun beverage trading co., LTD. Chujiu mainly supplies imported wine from France, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Germany, and Canada, and is now the general agent of several wineries in China. The company and the winery establish a long-term exclusive supply agreement, foreign direct purchase imports, no intermediate links. It represents dozens of well-known beer brands such as Belgian duvet, British brew dog and Carlsberg. One station distribution for shopping malls, convenience stores, bars, cafes and enterprise groups. Relying on the advantages of a mature supply chain, Fun Beverage has formed various ways of distribution cooperation, such as a physical store, agent, wechat business franchise…

Main products: Beer; Alcohol; Brandy; Wine, champagne

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