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Foshan FARRMILLY Trading Co.

Foshan FARRMILLY Trading Co. dedicated to importing wine for the main business of trade enterprises, the headquarters is located in the famous wine region, capital of South Australia, Adelaide. The company has well-known regions across Australia Barossa valley vineyard 28 hectares, including 28 hectares of the vineyard is a whole piece of the hillside and is organic vineyards about 420 acres. The company’s own brand FARRMILLY, branch Foshan is small bar supply chain management co. responsible for OEM full counter circulation business. Our goal is to provide the Chinese market with quality, cost-effective wine products. With support from dozens of wineries in Australia, Chile, France, Canada, and other countries, ding class winemakers have carefully produced quality wines with market orientation. All the wines we import are more Oriental. Wine is 100% original bottle imported. By virtue of its unique resource advantages, the company designs wines for various occasions for customers’ different needs, such as special wine for hotels, the special wine for restaurants, wine for corporate activities, wine for festivals and wine for individuals, etc. The headquarters of the company added high-end jewelry customization business at the end of 2017, focusing on the inlaying of natural gems such as red sapphire, diamond, emerald, and tourmaline.

Main products: imported red wine; Wine; Dry white; Sweet white; Half sweet white; Pink wine; Sparkling wine. Champagne; French wine. Chilean red wine; Spanish wine; Greek wines; Argentine wine; imported wine in the original bottle; Original bottle imported red wine; Italian red wine; White wine; AOC dry red.

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