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Yantai Aisikate Winery Co.

Their winery located in the northern latitude 37 °, creator overprotective wine on both sides of the lifeline, littered with bordeaux, Tuscany, casablanca… . When the arc across Asia, but stingy only in China Yantai, a wine coast only about 10 kilometers. This is the only region in Asia, along with France’s bordeaux, one of the world’s seven wine shores. It also makes their winery a local private estate. Yantai Aisikate Winery Co. started in 1992 and has been focusing on wine making for 20 years. It has become an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with nearly 1000 acres of grape base. It also has a large independent underground cellar and advanced domestic fermentation, filling equipment. Grape cultivation, wine production and wine sales in the integration of the local private estate. From the beginning of grape cultivation, every bottle of Aisikate wine becomes an elaborately crafted classic. The qualified rate of their product quality is 100% in the national industry sampling inspection. In October 2009, Yantai consumer association has been selected as the satisfaction unit and the top 10 best-selling brands in the Yantai wine industry market. In January 2010, the company was selected as the beloved brand of consumers, and the good reputation and performance of the company were absorbed as the council member of Yantai consumers association. The company has developed a new marketing model of “wine member club” in 2011 based on years of industry experience. They are committed to building one of China’s most influential wine brands.

Main products: The mixer. The cocktail. Red wine; Dry red; Dry white; White wine; Sparkling wine. Fruit wine. Champagne; Whiskey; Rum. Sweet wine; impoted Chilean wine; Cabernet sauvignon dry red wine; Australian imported wine; Beer; Liquor; Yellow rice wine.

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