Chinese Distributors

Shanghai Yizun International.

Their company in the market of foreign wineries and uses of local wine market professionals for wine market maintenance, development, the establishment of foreign wineries and local distributors solid relations. At this moment, China’s imported wine market is entering a transition stage, from the initial “extensive” wine economy to the “intensive” model. In the next few years, the entire market is bound to have a “reshuffle”. In this kind of environment, we worked with our strategic partners, Turnbull Bros Wines of Australia, VINICOLA DE CASTILLA S.A. of Spain, Chateau DE Bel, Chateau Saint Cru Paimer, Chateau Malbat, Chateau Couvent des cordeliers, Chateau Les Hautes Graves, LA GRAVETTE LACOMBE. We set up our marketing center in Shanghai in 2010 to present you high-quality imported wines.

Main products: imported wine, champagne

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