5 tips for marketing to China

5 tips for marketing to China

It’s one thing to enter the Chinese market, but marketing to China is an entirely different beast altogether. And when we say beast, we’re talking about a population of 1.2 billion and the fastest growing consumer market in the world. With China’s booming economy tipped to surpass the United States in the near future, the opportunities presented for Australian businesses and entrepreneurs are limitless. But you can’t just produce the right product and expect your sales to skyrocket. The proper preparation and groundwork have to be carried out in order to succeed. The old cliché, “failing to plan is planning to fail” rings true here. In this post, we will discuss five marketing essentials for when entering the Chinese market.

  1. Chinese website

    Having a website for your business is pretty much a given these days. But for the Chinese market, you will need to have a proper Chinese website. Yes, that means written in either Mandarin or Cantonese or both. This requires proper translation services. You will also want your website to have professional profiling design. this requires a fair amount of research in how websites look and work for Chinese consumers. Another important factor is good onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This requires optimising for Baidu mainly, which is China’s search engine equivalent of Google and is now ranked the third most used search engine in the world.

  2. Exposure to Alibaba buyers

    If you’re involved in E-Commerce then you need to also get involved in Alibaba. Founded by Jack Ma, Alibaba is a multinational E-commerce, retail, internet, AI, technology and electronic payment service. They’re kind of a big deal. And they have released a suite of digital marketing tools to allow marketers to use real-time data to collate and target Chinese consumers. If you can get access to Alibaba’s massive consumer base and learn how to effectively use these tools then you will be leaps ahead of the competition.

  3. Market research, testing and feedback

    Where many new businesses fail when entering the Chinese market is not doing the proper market research to match their product with the right target consumer. Investing in a China market consulting service can be the best money you ever spend. Companies like AusMate provide services where you can test your product on the market before going full-tilt. The feedback, exposure and potential sales you’ll get from this is invaluable.

  4. In-meeting interpretations and translation

    It’s so important to have meetings with the right people. And if they’re Chinese, which you can bet some will be, these meetings need to be properly interpreted so you can get that invaluable local knowledge and a clear picture of who you’re targeting your products for and the best way to go about it. Just meeting with key Chinese influencers in person will give you a better understanding of how they operate.

  5. The right content marketing and social media strategy

    Social media and content marketing is an entirely different kettle of fish in China. Not just the different platforms but the behaviour and way Chinese consumers use them. The Chinese are much more personal in nature when it comes to their social media behaviour. This will require new approaches to social media and content marketing. The challenge will be making it easy for consumers to find and engage in content on popular local platforms like Youku and Baidu. Of course, again this all requires proper translation. And don’t just rely on Google translate. You must quadruple check your translation, for a mishap in communication could spell disaster… see what we did there?

All in all, when marketing to China it pays to get the proper advice and guidance. If you are a business or entrepreneur who is thinking of how to enter Chinese markets or is already entering Chinese markets, then consider enlisting the help of AusMate, a professional China market consulting service. Gain the edge, get ahead of the pack and enquire here today.